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the deadline passd without a deal and my husband went to the grocery store this morning looking for the last box of twinies and they were gone. >> he was not a lone. >> reporter: people may wonder the wonderbread factory. and that the aromas were cherished by some. longstanding labor issues and the worker strike are to blame for the demise of twinkies and hostess cupcakes. at the social safeway in georgetown, there were few hostess products left. just a handful of wonderbread left as word spreads, hostess brands is going out of business. >> sad to see them go. sad to see them go. >> -- [ indiscernible ] and this trial with the twinkie. >> that is terrible. i'm going to miss them. >> reporter: jill grabbed the second to last box of twinkies. >> why did you come here? >> my husband called and said
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that hostess was closing and he wanted some. he went to a store downtown and they were sold out of everything. shelves cleared. at least i got some twinkies. >> reporter: the hostess and wonder names have been around since 1930. >> every space man knows you have to have hostess twinkies along. >> reporter: those deliciously fattening treats an iconic part of many a childhood. >> my generation grew up on hostess, you know, twinkies, cupcakes, dingdong, all of that -- dingdongs. for my husband's birthday, we had a hostess platter. >> there is nothing like the cupcake where you put it in your mouth. oh, my gosh. it's the best thing ever. >> reporter: those ring dings and devil dogs that you love so much are made by drakes which, is owned by hostess. >> i got two boxes of twinkies and some snowballs and a little
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bit of bread. >> reporter: we met greg at the wonder bread thrift store on route 1 in beltsville. where a steady stream of customers was practically clearing out the place. once everything sold, that is it. >> my favorites are the ho-hos. but they sold out. someone came in and took all of them. >> reporter: the ceo of hostess said he's hoping investors will buy some of the 30 brands under the company's crumbling umbrella, which combined last year, recorded $2.5 billion in sales. shawn? >> and that is a lot of money, bob. i was checking, bay. people are selling the twinkie boxes on ebay, upwards of $60 already. >> how much for a twinkie, bob? >> i'll give it to you. >> thank you, bob. another big story tonight. president obama and top lawmakers gather at the white house trying to head out the so- called fiscal cliff, both sides expressing confidence they can work together, but they have said that before.
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that's for sure. no deal means higher taxes for nearly all of us beginning in 46 days from now. economists warn a likely recession all over again. craig bosswell is following this one for us. >> reporter: it's the first step toward finding a compromise. >> we're all aware that we have some urgent business to do,. >> reporter: president obama sitting between leaders for both parties looking for a way to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> we have to make sure taxes don't go up on middle class families. that our economy will remain strong. that we're creating jobs. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff is a combination of tax cuts that expire at the end of the year, and spending cuts that kick in on day one of next year. >> to show our seriousness, we have put revenue on the table. as long as it's a companied by significant spending cuts. >> reporter: the automatic spending cuts total $1.2 trillion in two years, half of the defense spending. >> without exception believe we're in the dilemma we're in
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because we tax too little but because we spend too much. >> reporter: on taxes, president obama wants rates increased on those making more than $250,000, while republicans have previously insisted that that is a non- starter. if there is no deal, income tax rates increase 3 to 5% across all tax brackets. if the payroll tax holiday ends, the social security tax rate goes back to 6.2%, an additional $1,000 for someone making about $50,000 a year. >> we're both going to have to give up some of the things that we know are a problem. >> reporter: an optimistic tone prevails. >> i feel confident that a solution might be in sight. >> reporter: they'll continue to work through the thanksgiving recess. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. the scandal involving former cia director general david petraeus is taking a back
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seat to ben ghazi. petraeus resigned after it was revealed he was had an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. molly hennenberg has the latest. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill leaving with more questions than answers after the former cia director testified before both the house and senate intelligence commit ease about the deadly ben ghazi attack on september 11th that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other miles an hour. >> general petraeus' briefing was comprehensive. i think it was important it added to our ability to make judgements about what can is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> we still have to determine, number one, how did is this group penetrate this facility that we had in ben ghazi and who were the folks. >> reporter: the discussion on the talking points initially relieved on the attack and to
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susan rice. she initially said the attack appeared to be protests over an anti-muslim film and later revealed it was a premeditated terrorist strike. >> show used the unclassified talking points that were signed off on by the entire intelligence community. >> the key is if they were unclassified talking points at a very early stage. >> reporter: intelligence committee chairman peter king wants to know who changed the initial talking points. >> the talking points were more susceptible about our prior involvement, yet, there are indications of extremists that indicate even though it was clearly evidence of the cia, there was a pattern involvement. >> reporter: petraeus testified he mentioned terrorist elements during a briefing to lawmakers a couple of days after the attack and that is something congressman king said he doesn't remember n. washington, molly hennyberg, fox news. a dozen female lawmakers are defending u.n. ambassador
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susan rice. republican leadership is criticizing her remarks on the deadly libya attack saying she purposely misled the public. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton among those defending rice. she blasted gop senators mccain and lindsay graham for saying rice was untrust worthy, suggesting their comments were both racist and sexist. the delegate said rice is a victim of partisan attacks. >> we do not intend to stand by while ambassador susan rice, who had nothing to do with the tragic ben ghazi attack or the aftermath s made the scapegoat of the tragedy because she re- laid to the public the only official intelligence that was available to the administration at the time. >> this one is getting pretty ugly. republicans in the senate have said they would block royce's possible nomination as secretary of state. also at 5, a developing
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story overseas. people are living in fear along the israel-gaza border. the violence intensified a third consecutive day with missiles being fired from both sides. izvalley lining u.s. tanks and carriers along the boarder. the e cryptian prime minister went into gaza trying to organize some kind of cease fire but was unsuccessful. so far, about 20 people have died and many of them just children. a falling soldier is being honored in prince georges county today. the high roads academy is renaming the library after the former student, lance corporal eugene mills. it's part of the school's 10th anniversary celebration. mills served in afghanistan and lost his life in action in june. his parents are honored their son's being recognized at a school he loved. >> that is's call from the school saying they were going dedicate the library to be in his name and i felt that was a special honor in his name and what he has done for our
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country. >> he really cared and wanted to make a difference. he would say that their is a leader of men, he died leading his men and we're very, very proud of him. >> reporter: it's part of a specialized educational services inc, teaching students with learning disabilities and autism. the acquittal of a student who slit her roommate's throat and killed her was all of the talk on campus today. the jury found 20 year on old alexis simpson not guilty on all seven charges. the question tonight, do her fellow students agree with that verdict? fox 5s john henrehan is back from bowie state. what are they saying? >> reporter: what i found interesting was how thoughtful were the student comments. many disagreed with the verdict but accept the principle the juries get to decide guilt or innocence. the jury -- students can live with an acquittal on all accounts. >> reporter: it looked like an ordinary day on -- in the late
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fall. one topic trumped all others, the acquittal on all counts of 20-year-old alexis simpson who, in september of 2011, plunged a knife into the neck of the roommate with which she was feuding, 18-year-old dominique frazier. the defense successfully argued the dormitory fight pushed simpson into believing she was in danger from frazier and her girlfriends. >> it wason facebook, twitter, instagram, why are you here when the incident happened last year, speaking about her saying she got off. >> i felt it was guilty on both parts. like i agree she should have done some time. >> but not murder? >> not murder. no. >> reporter: what do you make of the verdict? >> not guilty on all counts? >> i don't have an opinion on it. i don't know the full story, so i can't say anything aboutt. >> there is a lot of copflicks that happened from both sides for me, so apparently you would have -- you have her complaining about the bullying and them saying you know, show killed someone in the heat of
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action. >> reporter: what now for alexis simpson? do students think she should come back to study at bowie state and should the university allow her back? >> i think it's her choice if anything. she was acquitted of all charges and i think it should be her choice to come back. she's not causing trouble on the campus. if anything, she's a regular person. >> reporter: that was the predominant view we found shared by this sophomore. >> i think she should be allowed to come back. >> reporter: that may or may not happen at bowie state. >> i think there are some issues that she would have to solve with the university regarding the behavior that led up to this trial. that would have to be addressed with the university. >> reporter: the university spokeswoman also told us that members of the bowie state community remain saddened by the event of last year, but that students have can have been discussing the topics of non-violence and civilitier often than they used to.
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will. >> a lot to talk about on this one. thank you, john henrehan. in howard county, emergency crews responded to a crash involving a school bus. and sky fox is over the scene here. the police say a car clipped the bus causing it to flip over here on to its side. the driver and one student were on board the bus when it happened. fortunately they were not hurt. we're following breaking news out of texas. there is an explosion at a chemical plant in garland, texas. in fact, these are live pictures fr ocan you see the fl and that smokes is billowing into the air. it happened at a facility producing valvoline oil. this is going to be a big fire and may take some time for crews to put out and there is no word what sparked the explosion or if anyone is hurt. we'll keep you updated on the decision. witnesses describe the chaos after a deadly plane crash at a veteran's parade.
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>> the wait is finally over. express lanes designed to reduce congestion on the beltway are opened for business. >> and this is going to come in handy the next time it's called for jury duty. >> and later, funnyman steven cold bear is immortalizing wax at madame tousseau's in washington. gain. >> a beautiful day out there and lots of sunshine. the question is, will this sunny weather basically move right on through the weekend? we'll have a first look at the forecast and news will continue. don't go away. 
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. a correction on the story we brought you moments ago along with the israel gaza border. israel is, in fact, lining tanks and average personnel carriers along the border but they're not using u.s. tanks as we mentioned. shawn, over to you. and tomorrow is a special day in the district. more than 20 adoptions will be final assed -- finalized. adoption advocate and 2012 shot put winner joins me. it's a pleasure for me to you have here. >> thank you for having me. >> and a lot of people watching y is it important to you? >> the reason is being an athlete that was adopted, it goes to show other, i guess kids and parents, hopeful parents out there who would like to adopt kids that it's a great decision. there is a lot of just
5:17 pm
wonderful kids out there that would love to be adopted and have a lot of potential for great things. >> you have a very interesting story that some people heard. >> uh-huh. >> and some have not. you were not adopted as a baby. you were adopted as a toddler. >> yes. >> and a lot of times we hear folks who say i want to adopt a baby, a newborn baby. >> uh. >> why is it important for them to look beyond that? >> well, i think you are overlooking a great kid. at four years old, i may have been very hyperactive and may have been a handful, but when you're in the right environment, great things can happen. i'm very fortunate that i was with a family i was with. they showed me a lot of direction and structure. they also introduced me to sports. my dad took a lot of time teaching me how to throw football and being athletic. he played tennis, golf, you know. it gives you a chance to do something great and gives also the kid that you adopt a chance to fulfill the potential. >> and tomorrow, more than 20 adoptions will be finalized at the special ceremony.
5:18 pm
why is it a big deal, a big day for the families? >> what makes it great, these kids, they get to watch a child start their journey, you know, they end one chapter and begin with something greater and that is exciting to me to see the kids go into the wonderful families and then watch their highways blossom to who they can be. >> all right. >> and let me ask you, so you won the bronze medal in the 2012 summer olympics. >> yeah. >> what are your plans moving forward? >> i'm working on the guest -- to be a school teacher in the state of georgia. >> uh. >> and taking a year-to-year being a track athlete. i'll be in moscow in august for the world championships and if you watch on nbc/espn, watch for me there. >> thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it and wish you the best of luck. thank you for sharing your story with us. >> thank you. >> back over to you. >> being adopted myself, go reese hoff, thank you. a local grocery store is paying it forward this holiday season. today, the giant in landover delivered a thousand turkeys to
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the capitol area food bank. the donation will provide thanksgiving meals for community members in need. giant's been delivering the turkeys for 30 years now. the company's president said giving back has been a priority. >> obviously, around the holidays, it's important for us to give back. we have a general community neighbor promis whereby, we're constantly looking at ways to give back to the community, and more specifically, fighting hunger. >> this year's donation to the capitol area food bank is the largest in giants history and over the past month, they have donated 5,000 turkeys to food banks in the area. >> that is awesome. trying to figure out what to do this weekend? get out and take some turkeys and donate them to people who can use them. >> and that's right, giant is stepping up to the plate. you were talking about the shot last night and that is almost
5:20 pm
surreal. the other thing is how cold it is. it's bitterly cold and getting that way, huh? >> gary what, can we expect into the evening hours? >> like the last few nights around here. really, once the sun sets, it gets -- it's not too bad, even though it's chilly with a sunshine. once the sun goes down -- . >> uh-huh. >> and you agree? >> yes. >> and just checking. keep that in mind when you out and about this evening. you will need a jacket out there, like the last few evenings and this trend continues and we're not worried about cloudiness from the west and which is where we get the cloudiness. tomorrow looks gorgeous and into sunday, monday, and today, it could influence our weather by late sunday and into monday, tuesday, and maybe even
5:21 pm
lingering in towards thanksgiving as well and i still think in terms of the long-term, there are unanswered questions and dills, 50; frederick, 46; temperatures in the suburbs are dropping quickly over the next few hours. we're clear around here. thirtys and the suburbs by 10 or 11:00 and we haven't made changes to the forecast and looks like the weekend, most of it, anyway, status quo, will have that full forecast coming up, will. >> and thank you. >> sounds good. >> get the gloves out. >> it's coal. >> yes, and time for shopping on black friday. >> yeah. coming up, comedienne steven cold bear takes his place among u.s. presidents and other celebrities. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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emmies. >> today, he's really arrived and has a wax twin. can you see it in d.c. beth parker was there for the unveiling today. >> reporter: he calls it the greatest gift of all, him. >> there comes a time in every man's life where he must be cast in wax, if only to remove unwanted body hair. >> reporter: at madame tousseau's in downtown d.c., he was immortalized today. >> reporter: want to thank everyone at madame tousseau's for the honor of becoming the latest waxican american because being cast in wax is true immortality, as long as the earth is not in any way getting warmer. >> this is the report. >> reporter: the comedy central hosts him for hours for a -- and artists spent four to six months creating the figure. >> and turns out i learned this a moment ago. on the color wheel, my skin
5:26 pm
tone is semi closs romney voters. [ laughter ] one, two, me. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's him down to the signature eyebrow and fingero point. >> it's my, every freckle, every hair, and support them the latest dvd of my latest colonoscopy. >> reporter: that is him there down the hallway, oprah, katie couric, al roker. he's larry king and as far as we can tell, one of larry king's groupies. >> this is what it looks like to be with me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: cold bear -- colbair was raised in south carolina and born in washington. he enjoys visiting d.c. >> it reminds me of my infancy.
5:27 pm
>> and a lot of infantile behavior. >> reporter: he said his kids will visit the museum, will it freak them out? >> of course, it will freak me out. >> reporter: when asked if he had a message for congress. >> are they still here? >> yes. >> reporter: speaking of shirking responsibilities. >> he's going come in handy the next time he's called for jury duty. >> reporter: to sum it up, he enjoys being graced by his own present. [ laughter ] >> you can not lick me. too late. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> it looks exactly like him. >> it does, and i have been there. you know the two that i found most remarkable? president obama and madonna. >> i haven't seen them. >> you look at them and you think you're next to a person. >> so real, huh? >> yeah. >> incredible. >> i remember going to the madame tousseau's in london once. you remember grace jones? >> sure. >> looks like her.
5:28 pm
>> yeah. >> incredible work out there. and as we continue here on the 5, drivers can new pay to skirt by traffic on the beltway. we like the sound of that. coming up, we'll show you who took the inaugural ride on the new express lane. >> and bar hopping got easier, thank s to a new shuttle service that comes with a few perks. we'll tell but it next. 
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. back now with good news. after five years of construction, the new express lanes on the beltway open tomorrow. car poolers and drivers willing to pay will be able to use the lanes to avoid congestion on the beltway. sherri ly has more on what you can expect from tyson's corner. >> reporter: the beltway is notorious for its gridlock and officially, the express lane doesn't open until tomorrow morning. but don't be surprised if you see them open up late tonight. and then come monday when it's
5:32 pm
bumper-to-bump or the beltway, the express lane will get there first. and the lanes run 14-miles in each direction from springfield to the american legion bridge. how much it costs depends on congestion and the driver. it's expected to cost 5 to $6 for the average trip during rush hour. car poolers for three or more people will drive for free. motorcycles will also be free, but drivers will need an ez pass to use the lanes. car poolers will need an ez pass with a switch to avoid paying the toll. >> there will be two pricing signs. le that give you prices to three destinations. the bottom on the sign is the maximum to pay. and that is absolutely your most accurate price. and there are some pricing tools on the 495 express lane's website. >> reporter: and a special guest has to take the inaugural trip today in the express
5:33 pm
lanes. santa arriving straight from the north poll and he got on and took it to tyson's corner. i think they let him go on the toll and that is the latest here, back to you. and two peds are thankful they alive tonight. a car ran into them on the sidewalk on the 1100 block of 24th street northwest and witnesses say the car was driving erratically. fortunately, they were not seriously hurt. the new city park spans three blocks and features an ice skating ring, sculpture garden and features. they helped jump start the effort to raise the $25 million needed to build the park.
5:34 pm
supreme court a new bost for d.c. hot life. fox 5s lauren demarco has all of the details. >> and when you get there, can you skip the lines. >> reporter: a hot night on the town with. have a good day.i.p. treatment and transportation. >> definitely, people are talking about that more and more. >> reporter: the d.c. hopper is a brand-new way to get to and from some of the region's favorite stops for night life. it's a creation of maryland natives brandon u and alex middle. >> we went to winston- churchhill high school, local born and raised. >> reporter: after turning 21, they became frustrated with the limited transportation available on weekend nights. >> we want to go to d.c. and experience other areas. it was not convenient. we would have to walk to the metro or get here via cab and couldn't get back because when we left, you know, cabs wouldn't drive us home or metro would be closed.
5:35 pm
we wanted a convenient fun way to get out to d.c. >> reporter: enter the d.c. hopper. it costs $16 each way between bethesda and dupont circle or georgetown to travel between the two d.c. locations only, it's $10. and it runs every half hour from 9:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. each is with a device and riders can pay with a popular mobile app square. >> it brings you to our page and said slide to pay. >> reporter: it's not a party bus, no alcohol on board, but -- . >> we provide water and red bull on the bus for free. >> reporter: and fun and convenient. >> reporter: if you're at the bar and wondering where the bus is, grab your phone and go on to twitter and check it out. >> reporter: all you have to do is look out for the hotspot, and the specials about a dozen bars and night clubs allow riders to skip their mints. -- minds. the establishments are noticing extra business. >> i hope people get to know
5:36 pm
the service more to use it and come down to d.c. coming up tonight, one of the most popular hosts on the food ork fires back after a really harsh review of a restaurant. >> plus, the cracker jacks with a connect. -- kick. why one consumer group is raising a red flag about the snack. snack. 
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. he's fired up after a scathing review in "the new york times" of his new restaurant called guy's american kitchen and bar. instead of a traditional article, critic pete wells posted a list of rhetorical questions directed at the should of. he wrote, for instance, try that watermelon margarita? any idea why it takes -- tasting like a combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde? that has some calling him mean- spirited. he's more on this. >> the tone of sarcasm, the question style. i think we all know what is going on here. you came in with a different agenda, came in four times to a restaurant opened two months.
5:41 pm
that is tough times. is it perfect now? no. are we striving for it, yeah. i think they will change. it's two months now, see where we are in six months. >> he has 11 restaurants across the u.s. guy's american kitchen and bar is located in time square. in tonight's consumer alert, a newer version of cracker jacks is about to hit stores, called cracker jacked and will add caffeine. a group wants the government to crack down before other products put children at risk. the makers insist the snack won't be marketed towards children. coming up tonight, a gun shot fired into a car during a domestic dispute. police say a basketball player with ties to d.c. pulled the trigger. lindsay. >> and we'll get to lindsay in just a moment. first, new surveillance shows the moment that sandy unleashed her fury on new york's subway system. system. . >> and gary will have the
5:42 pm
weekend forecast next. cast nex [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that.
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mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . bond has been set at $100,000 for a former washington mystics player arrested on aggravated assault charges in atlanta this week. 35-year-old holdclaw is accused of shooting into a woman's car and use a bat to smash the windows. the victim, jennifer lacy, holdclaw's ex-girlfriend who is a current wnb applier for the tulsa shock. holdclaw has been ordered to wear a monitoring device and have no contact with lacy. she's do you back in court at the end of the month. redskins are itching to get back on the playing field. they have a tough schedule ahead of them. fox 5s lindsay murphy has the latest. >> reporter: can we just say the next seven games are must-
5:46 pm
wince. they are and they might be wins. garcon and merryweather will play on sunday. garcon is a big threat on offense, merriweather is a pro bowl safety. the redskins and eagles rivalry, and this is a big one. different this year because both teams are at 3-6 and this is a start of a tough stretch for the redskins, four days after the philly game they play at dallas on thanksgiving day and that is two games in five days. even though the coaches did do cowboy scouting, the players don't want to hear it. >> we have one game to worry about and that is the game played this sunday. you know, that is -- no, we're looking ahead. you can't look ahead. i get tired of hearing it. that is what people use to get your mind off of what is the main goal. the main goal is playing this week and once you get that done, can you move on to next
5:47 pm
week. >> and we're trying to win one football game and the next one is silly. if we don't take care of our own business, we're not going to be in it. we're going worry about philly, you know and go and try to get a win this weekend. >> the eagles quarterback michael vick has been ruled out of sunday's game with a concussion. nick folds will get to start. shawn? >> all right, murph. we have been trying to figure out. are they playing at home or away tomorrow? >> home. >> there you go. >> and gary wanted to know. >> thank you, gary. >> and i just don't care. >> what? >> i like to so them win and follow the team. >> you a cowboys fan? >> you know i'm not a cowboys fan.
5:48 pm
>> and as a matter of fact, my favorite team is in sunday in dallas. >> a lot of folks want to know what it's going to feel like. >> for the game? >> yes. >> and this is kind of tricky. >> 1:00 p.m. >> and i think we will have more clouds today than tomorrow and into next week, we're doing have to -- we're going to have to deal with the clouds and how long will they stick around and at this point, looks like wednesday of next week. the big travel day, the day before thanksgiving looks good and let's hope that holds. all eyes on the weekend, basically. it's not that. tomorrow is great and we thought that saturday was looking real, real nice and it was sudden, how much, if any, cloud cover are we going to get. we're going to end up with more clouds than saturday. i will show you specifics here in just a second. 49 near the city.
5:49 pm
monasses, 52; culpepper is 45 and a lot of 40s to the west. winchester, you're dropping faster than anyone else and you at 41 degrees now and some 50s to the south-southwest and when the gun goes down, the temperatures cool off and they dropping through the 40s and later on, we're in the suburbs and again tonight, that is looks like they're heading for a freeze and the clouds held in longer than anticipated and, therefore, most of the numbers stayed in the 40s and this is the weekend forecast. tomorrow not bad and a lot like today and pretty much a carbon copy. 53 degrees on sunday and cooler. we're going have the winds from the northeast and some more clouds on sunday. i believe we'll have some sunshine, too and that is a good looking weekend, to be honest with you and we'll stay on the cool side and certainly
5:50 pm
below normal. this is future cast tomorrow morning and this is gorgeous, gorgeous through the day. to the east of us, the flow is coming in from the east and we have to figure how many clouds are coming up on sunday and that is going to come to i-95 and we're into some clouds. we'll at least say for sunday and most of the region with some clouds and some sunshine, too. the farther west you go, looks like you'll have more and more sunshine and watching the coastal system to the south of us. notice on monday, all of that is coming over. on monday, we're mostly cloudy and that is looking like that willinger into tuesday and perhaps even on wednesday as well. the satellite and radar together, though, we're in great shape today. again, we'll be watching all of this moisture offshore. this is going to be a player in our forecast.
5:51 pm
and as we start getting into sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and stay tuned for that. the things could change a bit and in town tonight, easily down to freezing and with the clear skies and some light winds, 3 to five miles per hour and not enough to keep the temperatures up and beautiful tomorrow, we should be this time of the year in the upper 50s and we're below normal and that is not bad and this is the seven-day forecast. >> and heave gave -- gave it to us. >> and gave me one. >> and -- . >> and that is likely hostess
5:52 pm
will live on. >> and hostez is dead but the twinkies will live on. >> and they good fries, too. >> ew. >> and let pee talk about something serious here. more than two weeks after hurricane sandy, the path commuter train system between new york and new jersey is operating on a limited service. check out some of the video. the port authority of new york and new jersey released this surveillance video of flooding during a storm and train station in new jersey and that is painting the picture of the damage and why. look at it coming in and there is no word on a timeline. and find out if he is eating a twinkie. >> on ebay, i was listing it. it can be yours for $39.99. >> i got one, thank you. >> and. dna evidence is a criticalitol in solving crimes.
5:53 pm
the suspects are not always charged. an exclusive look at what is preventing the prosecution. an american jail to cuba for three years is suing the u.s. government. and rebounding from the recession. how the housing market can bring you big bucks. you heard this song before. it's back. k.   mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma.  so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan,
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. we're following a horrific accident in texas. a train collided into a parade float last night. that float carrying wounded vets and their spouses. calvert collins is live in mid- land, texas. i can only imagine the entire community must be morning right now. >> reporter: you're right, will. a lot of them were not from the north texas area. i came here and i'm devastated. two people still in critical condition and the federal investigators, can you see right now, giving a press
5:57 pm
conference trying to determine if the train or the truck in this incident was at fault. >> with some sin of understanding. >> reporter: a solemn start to the morning. what was meant to be a weekend honoring wounded heros, turned into tragic morning for army sergeant majors william lubbers and another. army sergeant joshua michael and marine chief warrant officer gary stover who died in this accident. >> it's something i never have seen. >> reporter: the last float of the ninth annual hunt for heros parade carried 12 veterans, their spouses and two escorts. seated in chairs strapped to the flatbed trailer and one eyewitness said the tractor- trailer tried to cross over the railroad tracks when the crossing arms came down and lights started flashing. some tried to jump but the plane was too fast. >> i ran over there with the
5:58 pm
intention to try to help, you know, and one of the persons, one of the veterans was under the attempt. >> reporter: the union pacific train from los angeles bound for shreveport had four locomotives, each with cameras. that footage ntsb investigators are sending to washington, d.c. >> we're going to know from multiple sources what happened when. >> reporter: in 2003, the seed for this stretch -- fee for this stretch of railway increased from 40 to 60 miles an hour, the speed did. union pacific has not said how fast the 7,000-foot-long train was going but said the engineer sounded its horn. >> i heard the horn seconds before hitting it. >> reporter: posters line the side of the flat bed, remembering the soldiers who fought for their country and died here. >> we're actually -- and why that happened. it's the why that allows us to determine what safety recommendations are needed to make sure these kinds of accidents don't happen into the
5:59 pm
future. >> reporter: we learned the train was going 62 miles per hour and federal investigators had yes to talk to the driver of the train. the engineer or driver of the truck and they would hope to have a report. >> all of the families. thank you. and thank you for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. starting off with a developing story along the israel gaza border. violence is intensifying. citizens are living in fear as the death toll increases. leland vitter is on the ground and has the latest. >> reporter: along the gaza border, you get both sides of the violence. you hear the pounding of the israel air strikes and black plumes of smoke coming from gaza and the white plumes, the rocketly

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